Nikola Jevtic, Managing Director of Alti Logistika - Driving by added values

To be successful in logistics means the business represents both an economic and an ethical dimension in equal measure. Just and fair treatment of business partners, clients, as well as employees is particularly important, because it represents higher moral standards for doing business than those provided by laws and regulations.

Carinjenje robe podrazumeva sprovođenje svih zakonom propisanih procedura i okončanje radnji predviđenih za uvoz, izvoz, odnosno tranzit robe. Redovan postupak carinjenje robe regulisan je Carinskim zakonom, Uredbom o carinski dozvoljenom postupanju s robom, Pravilnikom o obliku, sadržini, načinu podnošenja i popunjavanja deklaracije i drugih obrazaca u carinskom postupku...

Using the right synergy of experience and know-how, they reached the top in just two years , and they intend to stay there...

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Nikola Jevtic, Managing Director of Alti Logistika - Logistics of success

Just as every successful start is based on good preparations and a realistic business plan, so Alta Logistika - through market analysis, budget availability, cash flow projections and lots of enthusiasm and energy – has reached more than 300 satisfied clients in just two years.

Alti Logistika as a company is today dedicated to satisfying world standards, which implies swift responses, thoroughness and dedication of each transport consignment and customs procedure, as well as constant care for each client.

Alti Logistika enjoys a good reputation on the transport and logistics market. How have you managed to position yourself in such a way within less than two years?

– The stable organic portfolio of over 300 satisfied clients that we initiated in the first year of operations was a key point for us, in terms of ratings, to position ourselves well on the logistics market. Moreover...

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Nikola Jevtic, Managing Director at Alti Logistika – We treat our clients as partners

The enterprise Alti Logistika was founded at the beginning of 2016 and is a part of the company Alti, one of the leading distributors and manufacturers of computers, consumer goods and communication technologies. As Alti Ltd owns a rolling stock of 60 goods vehicles and 2 warehouses in Cacak and Belgrade, the time has come for the idea to come to fruition of founding a company which will contribute to the improvement of the existing logistics processes and provide services to third parties, says Nikola Jevtic, Managing Director of Alti Logistika for eKapija.

- Alti Logistika started working on January 4, 2016. We had five employees initially and were fully operational from the start. We then formed the customs department and the sales department. There are ten of us now and we are planning further employments. Our team is made up of young, ambitious, promising and highly educated people, mostly graduates of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering and colleagues with many years of experience in foreign and local logistics companies. Last but not least, there are seniors in this business, highly experienced experts for foreign trade and customs formalities. I believe we have created an ideal combination of youth and experience.

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